Burlap Christmas Stocking

Burlap Christmas Stocking



We will customize your stockings for FREE! Choose from our available supply of Heat Transfer Vinyls. 

Stocking Measurements: 7"x16"x11.5"


Vinyl Color Choices include: Gold glitter, Silver glitter, Black glitter, Red glitter, Green glitter, Gold foil, Silver foil, Red foil, Green foil, Rose Gold foil, Black, White, Red, Green, Silver, and Gold


Font Choices include: Joshico, Sign Painter, Brush Script, and Savoye (please refer to picture of the fonts to view what they look like)


Our burlap stockings are made of cotton and linen, strong and durable; Good for for Christmas and other special occasion. You can put it on the Christmas tree or put it in front of the fireplace to decorate your home, also you can give them to the children as a gift.


The customizable cuff width is approximately 7 inches wide.  This stocking is sturdy and strong.  Just the right size for plenty of candy and stocking stuffers!

Cuff Color
Vinyl Color

* If the item is out of stock, please leave a message and we will notify you when the item is back in stock or recommend a similar item you may like. 

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