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High Stepper Chanel Croc (Women's Size 10)

High Stepper Chanel Croc (Women's Size 10)

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Thank you for your interest in The Croc Starr. Each shoe is hand designed. No two pairs are exactly alike. They may be similar, but not exactly alike. That's the beauty of our products. It allows everyone to be uniquely YOU!

ALL ITEMS ARE NON REFUNDABLE. Once your order is received, they will be ready for pickup OR they will ship in 3-5 business days.

Note: If damage occurs up to 30 days after receipt, please contact customer service. Price does not include shipping. Please select "pickup" at checkout and The Croc Starr will coordinate delivery for Free within the DMV Area.

Disclaimer: Please note that custom crocs are a luxury item and should be treated with care. Accidents can happen with a blinged out shoe. NO custom blinged out croc is 100% accident free. They should not be worn in water, mud, exercising, or while performing sports activities. Use your best judgement in keeping your custom crocs in perfect shape. Croc Starr is not affiliated with Crocs; we provide a decorating service of Crocs products. Designer fabrics and jewelry/jibbitz are faux. Croc Starr is not responsible for allergies to any glues or products used in the making of decorated Crocs. By making a purchase, you hereby consent to reading and understanding the policies and processing timeline.

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