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Student Athlete Coalition

Student Athlete Coalition (SAC) develops programs  to service student athletes looking to elevate their lives and put themselves on a path to a brighter future.   By tapping into their passions, our programs not only help to keep them on a good path but will position them to utilize something they enjoy to succeed in life.  We believe sports can be used as a tool to excel academically.

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Our programs are designed to give student athletes the tools they need to become successful college athletes and students. We focus on developing physical and mental skills, as well as the academic and character skills necessary to be a successful college student athlete. Our program includes college admissions guidance, college scholarships assistance and comprehensive athletic training and development. We also provide opportunities for community service and leadership.

Our programs are designed to give student athletes an edge in the college admissions process and to guide them through the transition to college athletics. We believe that preparing student athletes for college will help them become successful leaders in their communities.

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Our Programs


  • Summer League
  • Sports Tournaments

  • Team Camps

  • College Tours

  • College Recruitment Guidance

  • Sports Clinics

  • Community Service Activities


Why We Do it.

10 SAC Goals

  1. To ensure no student athlete is left behind.

  2. To provide a resource to underserved student athletics that often lack information to make informed academic decisions.

  3. To provide a platform for student athletes to showcase their skills and gain exposure to college coaches and recruiters.

  4. To provide an opportunity for student athletes to gain a competitive edge in the college admissions process.

  5. To develop and foster a sense of teamwork, sportsmanship, and camaraderie among student athletes.

  6. To provide an avenue for student athletes to develop their physical and mental skills in a safe and monitored environment.

  7. To give student athletes a chance to learn the fundamentals of the sport, and prepare them to compete at the collegiate level.

  8. To provide an opportunity for students to gain experience in a structured and disciplined environment.

  9. To provide a way for student athletes to stay motivated and focused on their academic and athletic goals.

  10. To provide an opportunity for student athletes to develop leadership skills and gain valuable life lessons that can be applied both on and off the field.




Basketball Group Team Camp

October 2022

Goal: To provide a venue to showcase talented student athletes locally with the ultimate goal of increasing college recruiting activities.


  • Over 20 Colleges/Universities in attendance

  • Over X Student Athletes

  • 8 Scholarship Offers Extended

  • 12 Recruiting Interest Expressed


Summer 2022

We Own the Night

Goal: Nightime basketball tournaments in partnership with DC Pargks & Recreation aimed at providing safe zones across the city for youth and to reduce crime levels


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About Us

Malcolm Battle

Director, Student Athlete Coalition


Malcolm Battle had over 15 years of demonstrated success as a Head Basketball Coach, Student Advocate & Disciplinarian and a dedicated leader in the community. He is also a well respected athletic director in the DMV known for building programs from the ground up.


Verified track record of motivating youth to achieve goals while prioritizing and strategizing for winning school athletic programs.


Proven leader with the ability to deliver superior services while ensuring alignment across school athletics, academic and social services.


Dedicated to developing superior Student-Athletics who excel in the classroom as well as athletically leading to a 100% graduation rate and a 92% college enrollment.

William Liggins

Tim Phillips

Melchoir George

About Us
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